Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lovin' Springtime!!

I am having THE HARDEST time getting anything accomplished indoors lately. The weather today is supposed to top out in the 90s and there is nothing I'd like to do more than get the west garden ready to plant. I took a stroll through the backyard with the garden hose and saw lots of exciting news to goes:

  • The apricot tree is blooming with lovely white blooms.
  • The pear tree is showing it's first baby leaves.
  • The peaches look like they will bloom any day now.
  • The peas are looking great! Lots of tiny plants.
  • Garlic looks promising...maybe I didn't plant at the wrong time after all!
  • Spinach is sprouting.
  • Radishes are sprouting.
  • Both the lettuce and mesculin mixes are sprouting their first tiny leaves.
  • The onions look great...lots of green tops poking through.
  • Still no sign of the potatoes, but I know they'll spring into action soon. (Get it...SPRING...:-)
  • The apple trees look like they've put on quite a bit of new growth. Not expecting any apples this year, but it's wonderful to see them progressing.
  • And out in the garage...I only had a few tomatoes not sprout, so I have several plants each for five varieties of tomatoes. Now if I can just decide where I'll plant them and what type of supports I'll try out this year.
I'm hoping we can put a load of compost on the west garden this weekend and till it in. It's time to plant cucumbers and pumpkins.

I'll try to take some pictures soon!


HermitJim said...

Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Sounds like a beautiful feast will be had come harvest!

Wendy said...

I guess it's either the farm girl blood or the campfire spirit, but I am a nut about gardening and homedseading as well. I love your Blog and am so happy when I can get a glimpse of goodness in the world! THANKS

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