Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Garden update:

The potatoes are popping up all over the place. I can't wait to see some blooms so we can dig up our first new potatoes of the season. They are amazing straight out of the garden!

Just beside the potatoes (because the often go together when cooking) are the onions and they look great as well. I noticed one onion top laying on its side this weekend and quickly dug up the offending cutworm and fed him to the chickens. Boy, that felt gooooood! (My little mean streak must've come out there for a minute.../blush/) The little bugger had eaten the whole onion bulb, too!

The lettuces needed thinning, so I pulled up some of the seedlings to make way for the largest plants.

No sign of the beets...very sad...not sure if I need to replant or wait them out.

There are several broccoli plants coming up, but something is nibbling on the leaves...more on that later.

The carrots actually look pretty good! Their true leaves are beginning to emerge. I've never had much luck with carrots for some strange reason, but I'm determined to keep trying because we eat so many of them around here.

The garlic and walking onions have really taken off in the last week. This is my first year to grow these two, so it's fun to see how they progress. In addition, I've been taking a few cuttings of their tops for cooking...YUMMY!

The peas are lovely. The bright green color is just beautiful and they are steadily growing. I do think that I've never gotten them in the ground early enough before and I'm hoping for a big harvest this year to reward my bravery...looking frost right in the eye!!! (DUM...dum...DUUUUM!!!!!!!!)

Radishes will be ready to eat in about a week.

The strawberries are blooming and I bought five more strawberry plants to try to get them started as groundcover in another bed.

In the past week, I've planted cabbage, thyme, more radishes, and more potatoes. The potatoes were from a bag I'd bought at the store and they sprouted...no need in wasting them. They got a late start, but we'll still get a bit of a harvest out of them, I'm sure.

In addition, the blueberry bushes are showing their first leaves! I hope to buy two more blueberry bushes this year at Atwoods to add to the three we've already got planted. I believe I *may* have discovered the trick to growing blueberries in Oklahoma...although they say full sun, I planted these in the afternoon shade. This is the first time my blueberries have thrived...although July will be the true test.


Sunny said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Good to hear everything's coming up well so far. Nothing is even thinking about blooming here, except my iris plants...it's so nice to see that green sticking out! I just transplanted several of them last week.

The chicken coop looks great! Love the stars!

Sunny said...

Oh...and I replied to your comment on my post. :o)

Heather said...

You are having what I call SUCCESS! So nice to hear that at the end of a long winter in Idaho. I never have good luck with carrots either. Mine are always ugly.

Organized Nutrition said...

I am so super jealous that your garden is in... 2 more months for us here up in MN/WI!!! GRR!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Makes my little patch seem.. well, LITTLE! :D

Sounds great! And like you're working out both literal and metaphorical bugs, too!

Great job!

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