Thursday, March 12, 2009

Everything's comin' up roses!!

The fruit trees are just beautiful right now! I couldn't resist taking tons of photos when I took a morning walk around the OAH on Tuesday morning. These are the blooms on the pear tree (above).

This one's the apricot tree you saw in the chicken coop photos.

These bright pink blooms are on a miniature weeping peach tree...the most unique of our four peach trees by far! Aren't the blooms an amazing color?

The blackberries are showing signs of life! Check out these tiny, perfect leaves on that beautiful reddish-brown cane.

Last, but not least, the wando peas! These are really outpacing the other peas we planted. It will be interesting to compare yields from these two so we'll know what grows best in our climate for future garden plans.

We are getting some cold rain this morning...and it's cold enough that it was frozen on the cars when we got out to go to school, so I'll be checking on the trees and garden later today to see how they are faring. Everything we've planted thus far can reportedly take a bit of a freeze...we'll see.

As for the chickens, I moved the bunny hutch in with the little chicks. Ginger's hutch has a ramp that opens down so she can come and go as she pleases...of course, she has never had the opportunity to test this out because I was afraid she'd squeeze under the fence and get away. Now that she is in with the chicks, they are having a great time! The chicks were a bit hesitant at first, but they warmed up quickly. So, Ginger will play with the chicks awhile then hop up into her hutch for a quick nap and snack. I gave the chicks comfy shelter filled with lamb's wool (too short to spin into yarn) and they seem to be handling the cold quite well. I'm keeping a close eye on them today in case they need to come into the garage, but so good.

Keep the comments coming on Tuesday's post! I love the ideas everyone has sent for prettin' up the chicken coop/bunny run. I hope to work on it over Spring stay tuned!


The Hills said...

Those peach blooms are amazing!! Our peas, pear and peach trees held up well to a few hours of 28 degrees two nights in a row. The only thing really not happy with our short freeze were the fig leaves. The potatoes sustained a tiny amount of frost damage, but it almost seemed like it made them grow better when it warmed up!

RainGardener said...

What a beautiful walk you had this morning. The pictures are wonderful. I was thinking I should go for a walk but then thought of the frozen vehicles outside and my excuse that it's too cold. Then you said how cold it was there - so much for that excuse and I feel guilty. But not guilty enough to use my 'back up' excuse! LOL

HermitJim said...

Isn't it nice how Mother Nature dresses up for her "coming out party"?

Beautiful pictures...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...


:D i'm SOO jealous!

great work, Lady...

flmom said...

The blooms are beautiful! Our blackberries are in bloom and starting to form berries - so exciting!!