Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our cup runneth over...

More pickles today!! Squash pickles, cucumber pickles, and pickled okra.

When we got home from the land...we found FOUR eggs in the coop (one of which was a tiny egg), which means that Lucy has FINALLY come into production! I was beginning to think she'd never lay an egg. We were pretty ecstatic about that!

We also had an exciting development at the land (aside from me being bitten by red ants which stings like you wouldn't believe!). My dad came down to look at the place and he and Homestead Man started talking about the end of the day, dad had said he thought he had the materials just laying around his ranch and would be glad to see them put to good use and they'd drawn up plans!!! So, instead of saving up for several years to put a good barn out on the farm, it looks like we'll be able to build one out there this year, virtually for free!!

I am so thankful for the way blessings have been raining down on our household lately, and truly believe it is because of our new commitment to pay cash for purchases and pay off our debt. The Bible talks of how if we manage our money in a Godly way, He will return it to us in good measure, shaken down, and running over. That's exactly how He's blessed us lately!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blackeyed Peas...

I've shelled A LOT of blackeyed peas this summer! Here's a photo of the latest bag full.

In other mother-in-law just gave me her pressure canner!! I'm dropping it off with the extension agency tomorrow to have it checked out then I can start canning veggies!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Farm...

I know I've kept you on the edges of your seats about the land, but we did FINALLY close on it and it's all ours! We're just getting a chance to get out there and play a bit. Here are some photos of the farm...

This is the girls' favorite place on the land. They love to play under and on this old magical tree!

The front pond. This one's supposed to be very deep.

My pretty boy all saddled up and ready to ride...

I plan to make our own private campground between those two big trees you see in the center of this picture. Just behind them is the dam of the pond and a great shaded fishin' spot!

This is the pond at the back of the property. It's much larger, but more shallow than the front pond. We hear there are some great fish in there, though...hope to find out this weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Drumroll please...

Take a bow, Lucy!!

This is her latest soon as she's released from the coop, she runs over to this lawn furniture and practices balancing and walking from one end to the other.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A few more photos...

Cucumbers gone WILD!

Cucumbers gone WILD!! LOL!

The garden is looking great! In this photo you can see cucumbers, okra, blackeyed peas, and some wildflowers that bring in the bees like crazy. Homestead Man will be tilling this into a much, much, much bigger garden later today!

NOTE: I meant to say that Homestead Man would be tilling AROUND this garden today to enlarge it. We certainly won't be tilling up this area! I think we've at least doubled our garden space this afternoon!!! Fall garden, here we come!

Chickenie Goodness...

Lucinda...with her crazy comb-over comb!

Amelia...the alpha chicken with an attitude! (She's beautiful, though...isn't she?)

Our newest arrival...this is Abigail. She is bunking with the bunny right now so the other chickens can get used to having her in the coop, but they can't have access to her. (The bunny hutch is inside the chicken coop.) A friend gave her to us and I believe she is an Americauna...the ones people call "Easter Eggers." What do you guys think?