Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cucumbers gone WILD!

Cucumbers gone WILD!! LOL!

The garden is looking great! In this photo you can see cucumbers, okra, blackeyed peas, and some wildflowers that bring in the bees like crazy. Homestead Man will be tilling this into a much, much, much bigger garden later today!

NOTE: I meant to say that Homestead Man would be tilling AROUND this garden today to enlarge it. We certainly won't be tilling up this area! I think we've at least doubled our garden space this afternoon!!! Fall garden, here we come!


HermitJim said...

Now THAT is a nice looking garden! You should be proud indeed!

You and Homestead Man did good...!

Debbie said...

What will you be planting in the fall garden?

RusticOkie said...

Oh your cucumbers look so much better than mine. Lovely.

I can't wait to till around my garden and enlarge it as well. I'm planning on waiting another week or two.

Heather Haney, Tulsa said...

We need more bee's that is great! Perhaps you will find honey nearby in the future too!