Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our cup runneth over...

More pickles today!! Squash pickles, cucumber pickles, and pickled okra.

When we got home from the land...we found FOUR eggs in the coop (one of which was a tiny egg), which means that Lucy has FINALLY come into production! I was beginning to think she'd never lay an egg. We were pretty ecstatic about that!

We also had an exciting development at the land (aside from me being bitten by red ants which stings like you wouldn't believe!). My dad came down to look at the place and he and Homestead Man started talking about the end of the day, dad had said he thought he had the materials just laying around his ranch and would be glad to see them put to good use and they'd drawn up plans!!! So, instead of saving up for several years to put a good barn out on the farm, it looks like we'll be able to build one out there this year, virtually for free!!

I am so thankful for the way blessings have been raining down on our household lately, and truly believe it is because of our new commitment to pay cash for purchases and pay off our debt. The Bible talks of how if we manage our money in a Godly way, He will return it to us in good measure, shaken down, and running over. That's exactly how He's blessed us lately!


All Natural Mama said...

Great about the barn!
Is your squash pickle recipe a sweet or sour? I have about 200 pounds of squash in my house right now and am running out of creative uses for it... :-)

One Acre Homestead said...

All Natural Mama, I have been cheating a bit on my pickles lately and using Mrs. Wages pickle packets. I love the Kosher Dill Pickle mix and all I have to add is vinegar and water. They also have bread and butter packets at our stores, although I haven't tried those yet.

Did it MY way said...

Glad to hear you will have a barn-for free. Remember cash is king. Owe nobody nothing, and your life will be fine.

Good luck.

See Ya

RusticOkie said...

How wonderful that you will be able to get a barn so soon. Thank you very much for this post. It was exactly what I needed to hear tonight.