Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tally, please?

Here's where we are for spring:
3 square foot gardens (no vertical supports yet, but they are coming)
While this doesn't sound like a lot of garden space, it's actually 48 square feet of space and with the square foot gardening plan it should produce quite a bit of food. I do plan to add more squares each spring until we have sufficient amount to eat fresh and preserve (through a combination of canning and freezing) until my heart's content!
1 large traditional garden plot for potatoes and melons
3 blackberry bushes
1 grape vine
4 blueberry bushes
1 raspberry bush
5 fruit trees
strawberries...in every corner of my flower beds!

In my square foot gardens, I've already planted:
2 squares of onions
2 squares of beets
1 square of carrots
(I'll plant another square of each of these every other week for several weeks to spread the harvest)
4 squares of sugar snap peas
2 squares of various leaf lettuces (covered with opaque milk cartons to protect them from the frost)

As usual...the anticipation of summer is KILLING me! I can't wait to see my square foot beds FULL and the vining plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, and sugar snaps) filling the vertical frames. Working in the garden with my girls...ahhhh. Perhaps I should move somewhere with a longer growing season??