Thursday, February 5, 2009

OAH chores...

  • Cook the last of the blackeyes from the freezer (the smell of these cooking on the stove is so connected to summer for me...isn't it funny how our sense of smell is so anchored in time periods and emotions?)
  • Check on applesauce supply...the girls are going through the applesauce I canned this fall at a record pace. I may have to consider making more next fall.
  • Crank out some more newspaper pots
  • Start two varieties of tomato plants (Cherokee Purple and Genovese...the rest will be started next week)
  • Set up an area in the garage for the new plants near the South window
This weekend:
  • Till up two veggie beds, one in the backyard and one in the west yard (outside the fence)
  • Pick up a load of compost to topdress both beds and the remaining three raised beds
  • Check at Starbucks for "Grounds for the Garden" to add with to the beds with the compost (Maybe also enjoy a Frappuccino with my Starbucks gift card from Christmas?)
  • Plant peas and spinach
  • Prepare to plant onions, potatoes, and beets (Tuesday)

According to the forecast, we're in for a beautiful weekend followed by a few thunderstorms early next week...perfect for prepping the gardens and getting early stuff in the ground.

On a side note, DH is going trout fishing this afternoon, so perhaps we'll have some fresh fish to eat over the weekend as well!


HermitJim said...

Hey, sounds like a plan to me! What time is supper?

The Hills said...

Ooh, I'd love to know how your cherokee purples do. We had high hopes because they're heat tolerant, but they ended up doing okay, not great. A local friend did fabulously with them. I'm wondering if it was just how/where we planted them...

Oh, and pink lady apples are $1 for 2 pound bag here this week----I'm considering more apple canning (in February? seems weird...)

Abraham said...

You're lucky to be planting. We still have feet of snow outside the door. It won't be till May that I can plant. Maybe April with the cool weather stuff.

I miss working in the garden.

Anonymous said...

Tell me how you make newspaper pots? Is it like the pots you get from greenhouses that you can plant in the garden and not transplant? ]

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

that there is LIVING, girl!

Robbyn said...

How did the fishing turn out...any good trout on the menu? :)

I'm so glad you are in my giveaway..I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. My email address is, and if you'll email me your information I'll be able to notify you before I send a handmade item.

Reading this post, wow, you got a lot accomplished!