Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day old bread??

Do you make homemade bread? If so, you probably hate to eat day old bread like I do...I'm spoiled. After a couple of days, I cut any leftover homemade bread into one inch cubes and throw it into the gallon sized freezer bag labeled leftover bread. This makes great stuffing and....even better...BREAD PUDDING.

Here's the "Easy Southern Bread Pudding" recipe we're trying out tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out!


Daphne said...

Hmm I read the recipe. It says use evaporated milk then says that it is the same as condensed milk. They are SO different. Condensed milk really sweet. So you will have to tell us which one you used and how it turned out.

One Acre Homestead said...

I used evaporated milk and it was really yummy. I think I used a bit too much bread, though, so it wasn't as moist as I like my bread pudding. Next time I'll use less bread cubes...it was tricky because they measure with "slices." I think you're referring to sweetened condensed milk? I've seen both condensed (which is the same as evaporated) and sweetened condensed. I would think it would be way too sweet if I'd used sweetened condensed milk.

The Hills said...

We use our "old" bread to make baked french toast casserole. I use evaporated milk in place of both the half and half and the regular milk, and I don't do the praline topping because it's just not my thing. Very yummy. I'll usually make this up in the morning or early afternoon, let it set in the fridge to soak, then bake in the evening and put back in the fridge. The next morning, we microwave it (it's just easier to fit into the day doing it that way since the girls wake up so early and are ready to eat right away).

HermitJim said...

Left over bread? What's that?...never seem to have that problem!

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