Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well.....here....just let me show you....

Hmmmmmm....what kind of sweet little feet are those?

I *think* these two are going to be White Rocks. Good egg producers, even through winter. They are also supposed to be pretty docile...good news for the 4 year old!

The rusty looking two should be Rhode Island Reds. Also good producers of eggs and one of the most popular chickens. This photo shows all the chicks looking quite perplexed at the roost I provided.

I'm still hoping to find a Barred Rock chick or two. Atwoods is supposed to get more chicks in this week, so I'll go back to check for little black chicks with white patches....those are the Barred Rocks!

Establishing a backyard flock of hens is a great way to provide organic eggs for our family and for us to be more independent as the economy goes crazy beneath our feet and grocery costs continue to skyrocket. I also think that these are very valuable lessons for my girls...to see where food comes from and what goes into growing fresh produce and nurturing the chickens that give us eggs. My oldest will probably show one or two of the chickens in the 4-H show next year as well. All in all...it's another adventure for our family.


Heather said...

Hi there, I am envious of the new baby chicks. I plan to build a chicken house and get laying hens myself in the spring. For now I can live vicariously through you.
Best of luck, they look like fun!

HermitJim said...

Boy, I can already taste the farm fresh eggs! Makes me hungry! (but everything makes me hungry!)

The Hills said...

Exciting! Word of warning, we're already drowning in eggs this year! ;-) Yesterday was our first day for each hen to lay one egg (ours lay an egg a day at full production)---at this rate I'm gonna be making a lot of angel food cake and quiche!

One Acre Homestead said...

Kimberly, Do you make up some extra quiche and freeze them when you have extra eggs? I'm sure we'll run into that eventually as well. What other ingenious ways have you found to keep from wasting in the bounty months?