Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Humpday Harvest!!!

This is the first of a series of blog entries to be published each and every Wednesday (unless I'm on vacation) detailing harvests from the week. (A good idea, no?)

I dig up potatoes as I need them...I'd say we've harvested around 35 potatoes this week.
We've also harvested enough lettuce and snap peas for 4 family sized salads. ( photo...I'll do better I promise!)
Lastly, I ate two delicious blueberries yesterday!! They were so delicious that my resolve to raise my own berries was renewed. I originally planted three blueberry bushes. One did not make it through the nasty, icy winter we had. The other two are so tiny still that I had considered giving up on the great blueberry quest...until yesterday! YUMMY!
(Note: I took a photo of the blueberries, but my camera battery died (DRATS!), so I'll have to post it for you later.)
A bit of exciting news from the West garden...the cantelope are blooming, profusely. I can't wait to sink my teeth into some home grown cantelope! I'll take that over a sticky ol' watermellon anyday! The only problem is that I believe I *may* have overdone my planting. Anyone know how to preserve cantelope??????? :-/

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Daphne said...

LOL There is no such thing as too much cantaloupe. I couldn't imagine a way of preserving it - maybe soup? I wouldn't think dried cantaloupe would work at all, but maybe they would. You can always try cantaloupe leather. If you really do have too much, it can't hurt to try.