Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bloomin' Hot!

It's bloomin' hot here in Oklahoma! Despite the heat, I've got some beautiful blooms to share! Remember the sunflower I showed you last week, poised to open? Well, here she is! These sunflowers came from some I dug up on the side of a country road last year! They're only as tall as my waist, and a bit thicker green growth than the seeds I've planted. The only thing better than lovely flowers is FREE lovely flowers! :-D

The cantalope is growing like crazy out in the West garden. At the bottom of the photo you can also see my secret weapon against crappy clay grounds! (Warning...the west garden is rough, but this is it's first year. I do hope that it is a bit more visually appealing next year. Let's be honest, we've got a bit of weeding to do!!)

The cantalope is blooming like crazy. Check out the little yellow flowers:

And here's a photo of the corn we're growing in the west garden. This area could use some serious mulch, which we have, but it's not all spread yet. Hang on, corn!


DP Nguyen said...

beautiful sunflower. cantaloupe looks great. mine is blooming like crazy too! your corn looks awesome. how long have you been growing it? did you plant or does it come from seedling? anyway, congrats! i'm on my second attempt at growing corn. it's a difficult task!

Outer Banks Mom said...

Your corn looks amazing! The darn squirrels got to mine :( Yours look fantastic, Im green with envy!

Aiyana said...

I noticed in the field across the street from my house they are harvesting cantalope and watermelon right now. But then, we are in Arizona. This is my first visit to your blog--it's very nice.

One Acre Homestead said...

DP...I have no idea how long the corn's been in the ground. I planted it as an afterthought and boy, am I glad I did. It's got little ears of corn on it now...I'll post photos soon. I planted it from seed. The plan for next year includes a garden square devoted to corn!! :-D

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