Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So I'm not going off grid anytime soon...

I have a confession. Amid all our homestead efforts and my desires to move toward a more "back-to-the-basics" lifestyle, my mom bought us a huge flat screen TV for Christmas...and....here's where it conflicts a bit with this blog's ideals....I LOVE IT. Seriously.

It's 40 something inches and mounted to our wall and movies are incredible on it. Best of all...I didn't pay for it. There's no way I would have spent this much $$ for a TV, so it really was a blessing that we'd never have allowed ourselves. It came with a free Blue Ray player which makes movies jump right off the screen. It's incredible.

Another great thing about it is that I was really perfectly fine with our old TV. I didn't even covet anyone else's flat screen (I sometimes really struggle with coveting other's blessings.) So, this came as a huge out-of-the-blue kind of blessing.

There...I've confessed. I know this does not really jive with many of the ideas I've written about here, but it's true. I'm not going off grid anytime soon...it would mess with my reception of the Food Network. /blush/


The Hills said...

LOL There's absolutely nothing wrong with appreciating and enjoying the blessings that have fallen in to your lap ;-)

I ended up with three new Wii games for Christmas, so while I've given up TV (no cable, and only PBS comes in clearly), I've gotten sucked into video games for the first time--we all have our guilty pleasures! ;-)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I must confess i don't watch t.v. or movies, save (extremely) rarely. but i covey that screen for the Stanley Cup Finals! Darn near be worth stayin' plugged in...

Enjoy, fellow traveller


Organized Nutrition said...

Trying not to covet, trying not to covet....LOL!
That is a great blessing!

Hey, run to my blog... I am giving you an award!!!!!!!!!

kookster said...

Hahaha. I hear ya. Some modern day conveniences are hard to give up. I keep fighting with my gf to get rid of cable all together. Something I don't see happening anytime soon.