Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You wanna make some jelly????

As I was walking through Wal-Mart yesterday, I spotted one of those clearance carts they sometimes park randomly in the store. This cart was different, though....IT WAS PACKED WITH CANNING STUFF!! The boxes of pectin were marked 10 kidding. I bought 25 of them. They're good until 2011. Score!

I also got some Pickling Salt and Pickling Lime for 50 cents each in huge canisters.

The young boy who was checking looked at me a bit strangly...because of the pectin and because of the mystery veggie he couldn't identify. I explained that it was rutabaga and he continued to peek up at me through a veil of long curly hair. I further explained that our family wanted to try a new vegetable this week and rutabaga was in season, so there you go. Suddenly he thought this was a neat idea and said maybe he, too, would try to cook rutabaga. He wanted to know how you cook it and said, "Let me know how it turns out, okay?"


The Hills said...

10 cents?!? I'm very jealous. I think I literally just turned green with envy. At that price, it might even pay to have you ship a case to me LOL But alas, I'm sure it's all gone now!

I found a "new" (actually very old) store in down town bryan that has a little of everything.....including half gallon canning jars, gaskets/gauges for the pressure canner, etc.... yay!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Here at my Walmart I also walked up on the clearance rack with the canning supplies just after a woman had fully loaded her cart with all of the mark downs. I just missed it. I did finally find some supplies to make Christmas preserves for presents.

randombitsofknowledge said...

WOW, what a great deal!
Usually I just make strawberry jam with out pectin... just sugar/water/strawberries, BOIL... mash, done! YUM! But of course that is because strawberries are full of their own pectin... ALAS, I have only done strawberry! LOL!
Great score, and funny about the check out boy!

Tammie @ Are You For Real? said...

Great bargain! I just started canning this year, so I'm trying to collect a few supplies myself. Wish I could run across a deal like you got!

Johnice said...

What a great deal! And way to inspire someone to try a new vegetable! About your magic bullet sure will work! I have one and that's what I used until I got my BlendTech. I still use it for smaller jobs and it works perfectly for green smoothies, just make sure you put about a cop of water in with the greens.

MommaofMany said...

What a score! I thought I got a great deal when I found pectin at .65 a box. Good job!

My best score was 198 jars for free from an elderly gentleman who hadn't canned for 25 years. Just yesterday I was given 51 jars from another Craig's List deal!