Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finally some photos...and a bit about myself...

As you may have noticed, I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to uploading photos from the camera. Not sure why I dislike this job so much, but I do. There you have it...confession over. Now on to the pretty photos...

Waaaaaay back when, I said I'd show you some photos of the Mother Earth News bread I've been baking...well, here are a couple of loaves. It truly is yummy bread and quite versatile. My Bible Study group is loving this bread...lemme tell ya.

We even made grilled cheese sandwiches on it and they were maaavelous.

I decided that the only thing missing from this bread was real, homemade butter. The girls took turns shaking a bit of heavy cream. They shook and they shook and...
Took turns shaking some more!

Let me just recommend that you try this bread with homemade butter. 'Nuff said.

Lastly, I'm pondering a remark made by a friend of mine concerning Christianity and environmentalism. I have to say that I see these two going hand-in-hand, although I think in our political times, there is an assumption about Christians that they are not environmentalists. Well, I'm inventing a new term....CRUNCHY CHRISTIAN. That's me. (In case my witty sense of humor is not quite connecting, I'm referring to the "crunchy-granola" stereotype of those some would label as hippies...whatever...I'm funny in my own head...please bear with me here.)

The way I see it, if I give my children a toy, I expect that they will take care of it. Put it away so it doesn't get stepped on, clean it off if it gets milk spilled all over it, etc. I believe that God made the planet Earth for us; therefore, it is our responsibility to be good stewards of this planet. Yes, I am a Christian who prefers products with less packaging, is trying to eat more organic foods, grows some of my own food, composts, and prefers to buy local produce (though it is not terribly available in our area) when I have the chance.

Also in line with CRUNCHY CHRISTIANITY (perhaps more on the hippie side of things), I am a whole-hearted supporter of breast feeding. After all, Mary fed Jesus this way and I see the design of our bodies as a beautiful testimony of God's provision. I loved wearing my babies and had quite a collection of baby wearing options. Ring slings were my favorite. Oh, and I love folk music....not sure if this really matters at all, but I thought I'd throw it in there just in case.


Organized Nutrition said...

Crunchy Christian... AH, finally I have a name for WHAT I AM... thanks! LOL!
I truly believe in all of that too (minus the folk music... I do love christian music though, does that count????)
I also believe we must care for the things GOD gives us...

OH, and your bread looks so good I wanna lick the screen!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the comment! SDC is one of my favorite places, we had a ton of fun, I like going in the winter so much better than the summer.

The bread in the post looks so yummy! I agree with the above comment about licking the!

Merry Christmas!

Sojourner said...

I've been telling people that for 10-15 years and I just get strange looks. Nice to meet someone who shares my thoughts!
I have to bake bread today - maybe I'll try your Mother Earth recipe! Looks yummy!