Tuesday, October 21, 2008


DH found a big sale at Lowe's and brought home just a few trees & bushes. After planting them all, here's the current count:

4 Peach Trees
2 Apple Trees
1 Pear Tree
1 Apricot Tree
2 Pecan Trees
8 Blackberry Bushes
3 Blueberry Bushes


The veggie garden was a bit slow this year, but I hear that from a lot of gardeners. The stars of the garden were the potatoes and the black-eyed peas. My tomatoes have JUST started producing and I'm holding my breath that the first frost will hold off a bit longer.

As for Fall...I've taken my knitting needles back up. You see, knitting is my fall and winter hobby (aside from perusing seed catalogs, that is). In the spring and summer, I'll be back outside in the garden with perpetual dirt under my raggedy nails.

If you'd like to branch out this fall and winter, keep reading and I'll share some knitting magic with you! It's all part of the homestead! ;-)

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Lona @ Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Made me tired just considering planting all those trees and bushes. My tomatoes were slow also and they are still mostly green yet.

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