Thursday, October 30, 2008

Felting magic

Like I said, the knitting kicks in around October 15 around the OAH!
My first project of the season was a Bible cover as my brand-spankin' new purse sized Bible was taking a beating. I decided that said Bible cover would need to be felted so the fabric would be solid and durable. I also decided that it needed to be created out of the beautiful wool yarn that I purchased during a recent trip to Seattle. The yarn is Poems by Wisdom Yarns which just seems right for a Bible cover! Special thanks to the ladies at A Dropped Stitch yarn shop in Sequim, WA!
Here's the final product:

I also needle felted a small cross on the corner. I'm pretty pleased with the results. What do you think.


Anna said...

I think it is one of the classiest things I've seen. The colors are so pretty. And won't it feel good too.

I'm looking at your sidebar and see you have some puppies. I got to check that out. I had a dog for 16 years and she died last year. It broke my heart in two. I miss her more than ever. She was my gardening dog and a faithful companion. If I think about her too much, I cry.

Anna said...

I absolutely love that puppy. I know nothing about the breed but it looks so adorable and the mom and dad are such a handsome couple. Lucky you!

The Hills said...

Gorgeous! Knitting is something I haven't learned yet (and probably don't need to---my fabric stash takes up enough space, I don't need yarn too! ;-)