Friday, October 24, 2008

Our OTHER crop...

Here at the OAH, we do have another crop that we routinely grow...Miniature Australian Shepherds! DH recently did a business plan for running cattle or goats on a larger parcel of land and found that we were profitting much more on the puppies we breed, love on, and bless other families with. Here's a taste of the puppies we get to love on for 8 short weeks before sending them off to "forever homes."

We've only got one puppy left from this litter and it's always a bit *too* quite around here after the last pup is sold. The girls go in the back and seem a bit lost without little pups nibbling at their toes and tugging at their socks...begging to play.

Mini Aussies are great dogs and we keep in touch with many of our buyers...getting photo updates and hearing about how their furriest family member enriches their lives. It's an awesome, fun side business that allows my girls to learn responsibility and get tons of payoff in puppy kisses!

If you'd like to see more info about our Aussies, check out our business website at


Lona @ Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What cuties! It must be hard to let go of them, but they do bring joy to others.

Elizabeth said...

How adorable! If I bred dogs, I think I'd have such a hard time giving them away. :(

We aren't immediately ready for a dog, but we're definitely going to get one in the somewhat-near future, so I have two questions:

1. Do Mini Aussies make good watch dogs? I'm leaning away from dogs big enough to be "guard" dogs, but I still want one that would most likely make a good amount of noise if a stranger tries to force a window in the middle of the night again.

2. What price range do you charge for your puppies?

One Acre Homestead said...

Hey, Elizabeth! Glad to hear from you! Mini Aussies are great watch dogs. They are very loyal to their "people" and will certainly bark if there is an intruder. They are not attack dogs, but they will make a fair amount of noise. Our breeding pair are both around 15 inches tall at their they are great indoor dogs. Not too big...not too small.

Our price range is from $250-$600 depending on the sex, size, eye color, and markings of the dog. There's another lady who breeds them who lives near us and her site is We bought our female from her.

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