Sunday, October 26, 2008

Apples, apples, who's got apples?

WE DO! They were on sale at our local grocery, so we took advantage of it and got 15 pounds of apples. I canned 7 jars of apple butter and froze four batches of pie filling. I had hoped to share some photos with you today, but my camera battery went kapooey, so you'll just have to wait a bit while it is recharging.

I couldn't help but look forward to our own trees putting out enough apples for us to preserve. It is so hard to wait! I know we're making improvements on our little chunk of Oklahoma that will really pay off in the long run, though, and I'm trying to be patient. It's a lesson God has been trying to teach me for years, peace and tranquility in the waiting, and I think He's found a way to get through to me in the garden...or at least force me to practice.

The girls have put their stamp of approval on the apple butter...they've already eaten the half jar that was not full enough to process.


The Hills said...

I'm still waiting for apples! They usually get to $0.67/pound here at some point, and I've only seen $1/pound. I'm getting antsy about winter coming on and thinking that may be as cheap as they get. We're planning to process about 50 pounds---applesauce, apple pie filling, dried apples, apple bread...yum, yum, yum!!!

And I'm putting up the chicken post now ;-)

One Acre Homestead said...

I got these for $.67/pound at a 12 hour sale. I just got our weekly ad and saw they're on sale this week for $.77/pound and I may get another 15 pounds to put up some applesauce this weekend.

We've definetly got some pumpkin and banana bread in our near future, too. (The freezer runneth over with bananas that I've frozen because they were too ripe and Isabella and I both came home from the pumpkin patch with a pie pumpkin.) I was hoping to can some, but can't find the wide mouthed jars ANYWHERE right now!

The Hills said...

Love the pictures! We make our apple butter the same way. I assume you mean canning the bread since you said wide-mouthed jars....I wasn't too impressed with the pumpkin bread recipe I found for "cake in a jar", but I did a yummy pina colada cake that worked well. I had someone tell me her cakes molded in about a month, but I have some that are about 10 months old now and still doing fine.