Friday, June 26, 2009

PAY DAY!!!!!!

I'm such a proud chicken mama! Look what my girls left in the corner of the coop for me today!!!

If you've been reading here for long, you know that this is their first egg...and it's a loooong awaited development on the OAH! If our chickens are good producers, we should be getting around 3-5 eggs per day within a month or so! I can't tell you how excited I was to see that tiny egg laying in the coop!

The chickens are now free grazing in the morning and evening. They seem to prefer their coop in the heat of the afternoon. I've seen a huge decrease in the amount of chicken feed they're consuming since they've been allowed to graze (it took awhile for us to work up the trust level...I needed to know that they wouldn't destroy my garden and they'd return to the coop easily when needed).


Lara said...

Congrats! When did you get the chickens? I am still anxiously awaiting our first egg. I totally understand your excitement!

One Acre Homestead said...

Lara, we got them in March. I thought they should start laying the first of this month...but they took a bit longer. It'll be interesting to see if we get another egg tomorrow!

Clong said...

Did you get chicks or pullets? HOORAY for eggs! You lucky duck (chicken?) :)

Heather said...

That is definitely a milestone worth celebrating. Whoohoo!

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