Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm interested in beekeeping, but I'm unsure of whether it is a viable option for us at this time. I worry about the kids getting stung, and I worry about those crazy African bees that swarm people and pets. With all this, I still find myself researching ways of beekeeping that might fit into our homestead lives. I came across this website & found it quite interesting. Hope you enjoy it, too.


Valeri said...

My father was a beekeeper and I grew up with nearly twenty hives of bees in the garden. We didn't get stung very often, usually when we were helping with the extracting! It was no big deal except once when I got stung under the eye and my face got quite swollen. I looked Chinese for weeks! The honey was delicious, all our fruit trees got pollinated and it was a treat to have comb honey. I really miss them but our garden is too small! Val

dandelionmom said...

We have bees and really enjoy them-my 16 YO daughter does most of the "keeping"-the only stings to the small ones have been when they stuck their hands INTO the hives--we have Carniolans which are reputed to be gentle and are a bit smaller and grey in color. Intersting site-I look forward to exploring it more.

Kaitlyn said...

If you do it, I'll help! I've thought about doing it myself since learning about the plight of the poor honeybee (another idea the hubby has nixed for the time being).

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