Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One handful at a time....

Our blackberry bushes seem indestructible. They always look good, don't seem to have any pest problems, and just keep getting bigger. I really wish we'd planted more this spring, but now Atwoods is all out of them, so I'll just wait till next year.

Right now we're getting a handful of blackberries each morning and I'm keeping a bag in the freezer...just throwing them in a handful at a time. If any of you have wonderful blackberry recipes, please share them! I'm looking forward to these lovely berries becoming a bigger part of our summer diet every year!

Next time, I'll share a bit more about the ladies in the coop...stay tuned!


Clong said...

Our blackberries look very different from yours. Our berries form clusters. Do you know what variety you planted? We planted the jewel type. Our blackberries are just coming on also. And I wish I had planted more too, but they spread like wildfire supposedly. Hopefully in a few years we will both be overrun with them.

Avis said...

I love just popping blackberries into vanilla yogurt to go with my morning coffee. I always wanted to make one of those crumbles that mix a variety of berries incorporating them... No recipe though.

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