Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A BERRY Good Afternoon!!

So...my blackberries that I put in in the Fall are NOT looking promising. It's been so disappointing to check them for life and find only dead, brown, shriveled canes. Never fear, though...Atwoods got in a load of beautiful, healthy blackberry plants! Tuesday is my afternoon with my girlies, so I tripped on by to pick up three lovely thornless plants so we could put them in the ground together. Here are the details:

One Navaho Blackberry Plant- Medium size berries, erect growth habit, self pollinator, ripens Mid May

Two Arapaho Blackberry Plants - Medium size berries, erect growth habit, self pollinator, ripens May

I am intrigued by the Native American names and plan to research the plant names. Since receiving the Seed Saver's catalog, I've become more interested in the heritage of the plants I use. It's so interesting to learn all about the history of the plant.

Oh, and a lovely little patio tomato plant begged a ride with me as well and found a home in a big pot beside the gate. I figured that if he needed support I could tie vines up to the picket fence as needed. I am a teeny bit sceptical of this "perfect container tomato" with a "bush habit." I am sure it will be delightful, but I'm completely prepared for it to outgrow its container!

Oh, and a little update on my last freeze gamble...we had a dicey night on Sunday, but all is well. I covered up what I could and anxiously awaited morning. Everything looks great and according to my sources, we are officially out of freeze territory! Hello, tomatoes, peppers, and beans!! It's gonna be a busy weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous! We keep debating about buying a few berry bushes, but we've always leaned away from it since we rent. Next year may be a go though, as we're starting to think we might want to try and buy this house.

Oh, and I'm convinced all tomatoes outgrow their containers. Even my very small Red Robin tomato plants, which are a dwarf variety, outgrew their first containers. And even putting them in the larger hanging planters, they still needed to be staked. Not an easy task, so they're both sort of leaning over. It's just that some deal with container life well and some don't. I'm sure most "patio" varieties really are fine. Just be prepared to give it a little support. :)

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