Monday, April 28, 2008

The orchard... looking good! All the trees are healthy and we even have some fruit! Yup...real fruit on our trees the first year. Not ALL the trees, mind you, but the pears and peaches should give us a mini harvest this year.

Here's a photo of a little bartlett pear that is steadily growing:

And here's one of our cute little fuzzy peaches! I'm super excited about fresh peaches. Those grainy grocery store peaches are just terrible and I have childhood memories of a peach tree that grew at a babysitter's house...climbing up and picking off a sun-warmed, juicy peach then biting right into it. YUMMMMMM!

The apricot looks strong and healthy, but no fruit this year. Same story for the apple tree. No worries, though. It's common for fruit trees to take two years to put out any fruit.

Finally, a photo of one of the three blackberry bushes. No word yet on these guys bearing this year. We may have to be patient...and patience is so hard sometimes...

Stay tuned! More photos to come in the next few days!


Mick said...

My older peach tree has "leaf curl" yet again, despite the spraying. Oh hum...

Having said that..... it's had a pretty hard hammering this winter, along with everything else, so I'm just glad it's still around. Which is more than can be said for the White Flowering Dogwood.(See my blog).
The young peach tree I planted 2 years ago has survived a horrendous crushing from a falling limb during this years ice storm. It lost all the branches from one side and looked in prety poor shape at the start of the season. I'm glad to say that it's now covered with tiny fruit.

Fingers crossed.............

No more fruit trees for me please, it's too much hassle.


FaerieLady said...

I have been thinking about growing fruit trees but have no idea what to get yet. I took out three trees after the ice storm so I have room to put in one or two trees... but I'm waffling. Hm.