Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome to our tater farm!

After a bit of deliberation, we decided against the straw potato bed. Ummm...we live in in "Ooooooklaaahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain." Yeah. Also, we live in the middle of several large fields without much of a wind break. After realizing that our straw would blow right on up to Kansas just as soon as we laid it out, we went with good, ole' fashion dirt atop our taters! They seem pleased with the decision.

The three rows that are going crazy are all potatoes. The hills along the right side of the photo have cantelope planted in them and the row on the left is blackeyed peas...just planted yesterday!

Here's a shot of one of the strawberry beds:

...and a few of the delucious strawberries that I've been watching ripen over the past several days!


Elizabeth said...

I'm curious about growing potatoes. How far down do you have to dig when they're ready to harvest?

One Acre Homestead said...

Hi, Elizabeth! This is our first time to grow them, but from what I understand, we'll dig down as deep as the dirt we piled on top of them. After planting them, I waited until they'd grown a bit then mounded up a bit more dirt to deter that nasty green bit under the skin that we get on so many grocery store potatoes.

I'd also read that the best tool to dig them up with is a pitch fork...which we don't own. Haven't decided if I should buy one or make do with a shovel. Time will tell! I plan to dig up some for new potatoes pretty early in the season. I'll take photos!

Homestead Farm said...

Hi you posted on my blog at Homesteadbloggers about our tomato trellis. I'll get you some pics of what we have going but it's fairly easy to describe. We have a pole, in our case bamboo because it grows up to 30 ft tall here, at the end of each row. The rows are 12 feet long. We strung twine between the bamboo at ground level and then plastic coated clothesline wire between the poles about 8ft up. We set the tomato plants out along the twine on the bottom then tied more twine to the line at the base of the plant and connected it to the clothesline wire at the top. As the plant grows we remove the suckers and wrap it around the twine like a corkscrew.

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