Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More planting today...and a furry little new member of our family!

Let me start with the seeds that went in the ground today:

36 Blackeyed Peas
36 Bountiful Beans (Green Beans - Bush type)
8 A & C Pickling Cucumbers

Yes, yes, I know...the average last frost date is still a bit out, but I couldn't resist! If temps drop I'll protect the gardens. If I loose some, I'm prepared to replant. It just seems so silly to wait until April 15 when the weather is just lovely. So far...the 7 day forecast backs me up!

And the furry addition to the family, you ask? A precious little Newfoundland Dwarf bunny. Photos to come! He's just adorable and tiny and cookies and cream speckled and they way he wiggles his little nose makes the girls and I just melt. A side note...it seems that adorable little bunnies do not have this effect on men as DH is not yet in love with this new family member. No worries. He'll come around.

Anywho, the bunny is here on the homestead primarily as a pet, but I'm figuring he's also a great kitchen waste composter! Speedy results! We fed him an apple core this afternoon after a sunny picnic in the backyard. Minutes later...POOP!! Okay...perhaps it was not the actual apple waste, but who cares? It's FERTILIZER!! WHOOP! Oh, and also the girls "mowed" a little section of our yard pulling up nice tender green grass for the little guy! ;-)

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Elizabeth said...

I must confess I've been ignoring the last frost date, myself! The only thing I'm strictly holding out on is putting the tomato plants in the garden.

It's easy to protect a square foot garden from frost, though. Now that Chad has built a little "fence" around it with spare window screens, we could just put the tarp over the whole thing and anchor it down. Simple!

And your bunny sounds so completely adorable!!! Just hearing about him makes me want to go *squee!*