Thursday, March 13, 2008

Houston...we have signs of life!

I love spring! I took a tour of our acre this morning...armed with my trusty Nikon and caught some signs of life. Check it out!

Our pear tree...I can't help but hold out hope that we'll have some fruit this year, though I know it is unlikely the first year.

What's that? A white onion poking through its nice warm blanket of straw? can hardly see this, but if you look super close you'll catch a glimpse of a oxheart carrot top!

This is my swiss chard. I've never grown it before, but I've read that the leaves are similar to spinach and the stems are also fantastic steamed with a bit of butter & seasonings. We'll soon see!

This is a square of the garden filled with buttercrunch and romaine lettuces. Still thriving outdoors because I cover them with the tops of milk cartons on especially cold nights.

Our chives, dill, and rosemary seem to be doing well and the strawberries are showing promise. I need to read up on some organic boosts for fruit as they've been in since last summer & should produce some fruit for us this year. Strawberry jam? Dehydrated strawberries for cereal? Perhaps some strawberry shortcake! Yummmmmmm!

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