Monday, November 14, 2011

A juicing plan...

I have a wonderful juicer, but I realized that I haven't been juicing regularly lately...okay, I haven't juiced AT ALL in the past 6 months!! There, you made me face the dark, ugly truth!

So, I have a new plan. I will juice enough to fill a quart jar every morning and drink the whole jar each day.

Day 1 - this juice contains one mango, three apples, two celery stalks, two large carrots, and one pear. I also send the pulp through twice to be sure to squeeze out all the moisture.

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Will Paice said...

Sounds delicious. Are the ingredients chosen because that is what you grow? Even in England, I like to juice locally-grown produce. You know where they come from and you can be sure that we haven't burnt up half the world's fossil fuel reserves getting them there!

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