Thursday, December 3, 2009

Around our house...

Winter = knitting...this is the softest baby blanket ever for a special brand new baby boy. No, it's not made of organic or natural anything, but this yarn was too soft to pass up. It's delicious!

Six pounds of pumpkin puree headed to the freezer. P.S. I love my new kitchen scale...thank you IKEA!

Good dog, Zoe! She's got a head scarf on and is being put to bed!


Karen said...

Just found your blog today - and spent all afternoon and tonight reading from the very beginning. You are an inspiration! My husband and I have a "weekend" cabin on a small parcel of land in north central Florida that we will be moving onto full time and I hope to garden, raise meat rabbits - and maybe a few chickens now that I've seen you doing it. This last year I taught myself to can and have been researching frugal "homestead" type living. Thank you - I now have a new favorite blog!

Barbara said...

Nice blanket, I am just learning how to knit. Cute pic of the dog with scarf.

Karen, if you get a chance visit my blog. I also live in North Central Florida. Moved from the East Coast 2 years ago. We spent weekends here for two years getting ready to move onto our homestead. Wish you the best on your new homestead. Who know we may practically be nieghbors as we have alot of people with small cabins in our neck of the woods tending to the property on weekends.

Anonymous said...


Can you share what brand, color the yarn is? Looks VERY pretty. I have a nephew I need to make a gift for and this would be great. your pumpkin puree simply pumpkin? Do you bake and/or microwave the pumpkin? I don't have an oven somewhere I recently read about cooking your pumpkin in the crockpot. I'd love to have some pumpkin put up....though don't know if I can find pumpkins anymore here either.

AND...finally - at what temp and for how long do you roast your pumpkin/ acorn squash seeds?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog. An encouragement and inspiration to all!

God bless,
MaMaBear in the Mitten

One Acre Homestead said...

I bake my pumpkin at 350 until it is nice and soft then I run it through the blender to make puree. You'll usually have to add some water to make it blend properly. I would certainly think the crockpot would work the very same way.

I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds (Pepitas) found here:

The yarn is Baby Bee - Dilly Dally and the color is gagebear.

Thanks for your encouragement! I enjoy the blog..watching our homestead grow and change over the years has been fun to document!

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