Saturday, November 28, 2009

Annnnd...we have a barn!

Homestead Man and my dad finished the barn (loafing shed) today! I can't wait to go out to Willow Run to take some pictures and share them! All the tin was salvaged from my grandparents' farm, so we're planning to patch up a few holes and paint the whole shebang. Later, we'll add some pens around the barn so we can have a hog next year and we can pen up the horses when needed. This will also serve as a safe place to put new calves when they join the family.

I need to look into some solar lighting solutions for the barn as we do not have any electricity out at Willow Run.

In other news, the girls spent the entire day before Thanksgiving picking up pecans at their great-grandmother's house, which we shelled and froze in Food Saver bags. We ended up with 11 pounds of pecans in the freezer. Those are my girls!

This week is a big week for me because I will be finishing up my General Exams and handing them in on Friday. This means I am one step closer to finishing my PhD! It will be tough finishing them up and every spare moment will be spent reading/researching/writing, but the weekend will be GLORIOUS! Please pray for productivity, understanding, and success in this step of the process. On December 14, I'll be doing my oral defense of the Generals...prayers for that day are certainly appreciated as well!


HermitJim said...

I'm thinking nothing but good thoughts for you in this stage of your endeavors, my friend!

Positive things will be happening for you, I'm sure!

God bless and good luck!

The Hills said...

Wow! So many exciting things!!!! Can't wait for pictures and I'm sure you'll do great on the exams and orals!!

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