Sunday, November 22, 2009

Canning Pears

Pears were on sale at our local grocery, so I bought 15 pounds for canning. I ended up canning half of them and making pear-sauce (like applesauce) with the other half. Here are photos of canning:

The set up: You'll need a big bowl of cool water with lemon juice to keep your pears from darkening during processing.

I tried to waste as little as possible. A metal teaspoon makes a great tool for taking out the seeds.

Here are all the pears in the lemon water...waiting for the jars to finish in the dishwasher.

Hot water bath processing:

I didn't take any photos of the syrup, but I used a light syrup and did a hot pack, meaning that the pears went into the hot syrup for a period of time prior to being put in the jars. I believe I boiled them for 10 minutes, but please check the time prior to canning your own, just to be safe.

I put in some apple pie spice in a couple of the jars for spiced pears.

After scooping out all the pears from the syrup and topping off the jars, I was left with a bit of pear syrup...I hated to waste it...then I had a brainstorm. I added a bit of sugar and some pectin to make a lightly flavored spiced pear jelly. After the pears had boiled in the syrup, it was left with a nice flavor.

And in the interest of not wasting any of the pears, the seeds and skins went out to the chicken/rabbit coop.

After dumping the skins into the coop, I thought that I should have used them to make more jelly...similar to the apple peel jelly I've made in the past...oh, well...gotta keep the animals happy, too. :)


viggie said...

Oh yum! One more reason I need to learn to can next season. They look delicious!

kclily said...

This inspires me to get out my canning equipment and get with it! Maybe next season.

Laralyn said...

You are truly amazing! Awesome canning!

inadvertent farmer said...

Love home canned pears!

How does it work out having the rabbits with the chickens? I was thinking of doing this also but never have. Kim

One Acre Homestead said...

My rabbit gets along just fine with the chickens. It gives her more room to hop around and she really loves to dig in the dirt...previously she was pretty cooped up (excuse the pun) in her hutch. The only limitation is that I can only feed my chickens kitchen scraps that are plant based in the interest of keeping the bunny healthy...otherwise it has been great!