Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holding pattern...

The weather has me in this frustrating holding pattern. We're expecting 29 degrees tonight and 26 degrees tomorrow night...followed by 85 degree highs on Wednesday. ACK!! Every few days I think..."Today's the day I'll plant the corn, beans, blackeyes, and squash." Then I check the 7 day forecast...and my plan is foiled!! I'm really thinking these next two nights will be the last freezes of the year and I plan to plant some seeds on Thursday.

The chickens keep growing and I've learned that they LOVE ripe bananas! I go out beside the compost pile each day to pull some of the beautiful green grass that grows around its edges (testimony to the power of compost!) and take it to their coop, along with any fruit & veggie scraps we have from a day's cooking and eating. Still working on them coming to me and enjoying my company, but I enjoy theirs! I love to watch them scratch around, fly up to their roost, and climb into the bunny hutch to steal her food. They really are entertaining.

I did end up getting a barred rock chick and she continues to grow inside...under the heat lamp. I'll put her out with her "sisters" when she is big enough to defend herself. She'll top off our flock nicely and maybe be a good 4-H showing hen for the big girl.


Laura said...

Look on the bright side- I just looked outside and there's about 2" of snow on the ground and it's still coming!

Heather said...

I ordered my chicks on Friday. 30 of them. I seem to lose all sense of control when I am shopping. Especially when the chicken house isn't built yet. I am stills so excited I can't stand it. And scared. Can I really keep them alive, can I keep them from getting leg mites, will I be able to control meanness in the flock? That type of thing. I will keep you posted.

Elizabeth said...

The weather is driving me nuts, too.

I'm SO jealous of your chickens! I've always wanted a few. And pygmy goats!!!