Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everything but the kitchen sink...

My parents live at my granny & grandpa's old homestead. They've built a new home there and they use granny's old house as storage. Years ago, after my grandparents had both passed on, vandals broke into their home and stole many things, even the wood stove. We were so sad to loose all those family heirlooms, but I was thrilled when I discovered that granny's enameled cast iron kitchen sink was still in the house!

My dad & hubby got the sink out so that I could build a garden sink & resurrect granny's beloved farm sink. Have you seen any amazing garden sinks? Outdoor kitchen sinks? I'd love to see some links!


Katydid said...

That is a bittersweet story. Happy for you! My aunt had an old apron sink in her kitchen years ago. I wish I had it to put in my future kitchen.

A Farr said...

I am going to make a backyard sink this year. I am taking a bathroom vanity and putting an old kitchen sink on it, along with some bicycles wheels. Then I will be able to hook it up to the hose and use it whereever I need it, the garden, butchering chickens, backyard BBQ, possibilities are endless.

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