Friday, January 27, 2012

The best wheat pasture in town...

I do believe that I accidentally discovered a great way to cultivate a wheat pasture! My girls had a little sunflower house in this spot so I scattered some wheat hay for them to make it more cozy. As temperatures cooled, beautiful dark green wheat began growing.

The hens just love this little patch of green and nibbling in it keeps their yolks dark orange and tasty (unlike those sad pale store eggs). Maybe we need to plan an accidental wheat pasture every year!


Amy E said...

Good idea! Accidents always seem to turn out better then intent. We planted 2.5 acres one year and NOTHING came up. I need to "accidentally" spill some wheat and see if it grows ;-)

Poppy said...

Funny! My volunteer tomatoes are better some years than the seedlings I put out!

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