Thursday, April 8, 2010

This could be the year!!

It is just beautiful here today so I headed out to the backyard with my trusty camera in hand and discovered a few tiny surprises that made me more excited than a lotto winner...seriously...

As many of you know, we planted fruit trees before we unpacked boxes when we arrived here on the OAH. Knowing that it would be several years before seeing fruit, I've watered and weeded, and given many pep talks to these trees...after all, growing FRUIT is an investment in time. It's a wholly different undertaking when compared to an annual veggie garden...serious stuff, people.

Anyway, back to the walk I took today...check out what's been happening out back!!

The blueberries will be blooming any day now! Yes, I know this is a bush...not a tree, but these take some time, too!

That's a tiny pear!! No kidding!

Apple blossoms...the first blooms on our apple trees since we planted them!

A teeny peach was hiding inside this blossom!

I'd like to pause for a moment to thank all those who have made these garden developments possible...thank you precious little buggies! Ummmm...could you get off that dandelion, though, and head over to the fruit trees? (Look at all the pollen on his little bum! :)

Our apricot tree is our healthiest really seems happy with it's location and all this crazy Oklahoma weather. Grow little tree, grow! Can you see that lovely little baby apricot?

Could this be the year we finally get a decent fruit harvest? Maybe! Stay tuned to find out!!

(Also, I'd like to apologize for being a bad blogger...I know it's been awhile since I've posted. Thanks for your patience and for sticking with me!)


Michelle said...

Very encouraging! How long ago were they planted? Love your blog!

Lynn said...

Seriously, how much spraying will you have to do to have healthy, bug-free, edible fruit. I would love to put in some fruit trees but am leary of spraying.

One Acre Homestead said...

The trees were planted three years ago...we may have gotten fruit last year, but we had a late ice storm after all the trees had bloomed. As for spray, we willvonly spray to save a tree. We know others in this area & in Northern Texas who don't spray at all and get good harvests. As with any organic fruit, we do not expect perfect, waxy fruits as pesticide free fruit is more natural in appearance.

The Hills said...

Yay for fruit!! Our plum trees set fruit for the first time this year too!

Lynn--we're in central Texas and haven't sprayed anything at all on our fruit trees. They are still small, so the yield isn't huge, but we get a good amount of pears, peaches and figs (and now plums!) from them for their size. I've also read about putting footie stockings (like they have in the shoe store) over things like apples when they're small so they grow in a protective covering that keeps bugs away without spraying.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Seeing your trees actually set fruit is so awesome! Love your shots! :)

Dana said...

Delightful! I was sad to leave our fruit trees when we moved. We got one peach last year and were hoping for a few more this year. That one peach was worth the wait, however. Never tasted anything so delicious!

We're on five acres now, though, and planning a whole orchard!

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