Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recycled Ollas

So, this year I thought I'd plant a few 2-liter bottles and see what happens...a cola tree perhaps??? LOL! Seriously, we live in Oklahoma...land of crazy weather patterns. Every summer we go through a period of drought that wreaks havoc on the garden...especially larger plants like tomatoes. After much research, I found this information on ollas from one of my favorite blogs, Little Homestead in the City. After reading, ollas seemed like a great solution to my water woes; however, the cost was a bit much for me at $29 each!

Back to researching. I soon found several websites with instructions for recycling pop bottles to create a homemade olla! PERFECT! So, I set out making a few of these little beauties to deliver aqua straight to the thirsty roots of my tomatoes and peppers! We'll see how it goes...my goal is to get bookoos of tomatoes to can my own spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and ketchup!!


JeannaMO said...

Thanks for posting this neat idea. I also love the Homestead in the City site. I found instruction for putting two clay pots together to make the olas using some sort of apoxy. But, I like this idea much better for $$ reasons! I'm going to try it. Keeping fingers crossed!

JeannaMO said...

In looking again at your picture, I think painting the lids florescent orange or something might really help finding the spout once the plants get to going!

Sheila said...

Great idea! Hope it works for you!

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