Thursday, January 21, 2010

The grain mill....

...has arrived!! I knew it would be coming, so I stopped by the Whole Foods store and picked up a bag of this:

Then I poured it into the top of my lovely, new Nutrimill. Wee ones and I stared as the grains disappeared:

When we opened the flour bowl at the bottom of the machine...we found this stuff:

Of course, the point of freshly milled grain is to bake it asap! So, I whipped up a batch of banana bread.

Here, take a closer look...check out the wee bits of coconut I added to mix it up a bit:


Barbara said...

COOL! Where did you order yours? I am going to order one.

One Acre Homestead said...

I ordered it from Paula's Bread, an Oklahoma company with awesome customer service! Here's a link directly to the mill I ordered:

Feel free to contact Paula with questions, she's always been quick to respond to my emails.

Blessedmom said...

Hello from a fellow Okie(I think we may live fairly close if you live in Lawton). I was so excited to find your blog. We are also an Oklahoma family living on a small suburban plot of land trying to make the most of what we have, and hoping one day that we will be blessed with a full sized farm of our own some day. Can't wait to get to read more about what you all are doing.


All Natural Mama said...

Looks great! I used some freshly-milled locally-grown wheat for our Thanksgiving meal and it was awesome!
Congrats on your mill!
Is a lot of wheat grown in Oklahoma? Maybe you can find a farmer!

Meredith said...

Oh, I so want one of those. Exciting to watch someone else take the next step and enjoy!

Organized Nutrition said...

OH, you are GOONA LOVE IT! I have had mine for almost a year and use it ALL THE TIME! Make sure you become a member of a co-op somewhere, so you can get your wheat berries cheaper!
ALSO, Hard wheat for breads, soft for cookies and such, BUT I usually use hard for everything! AND remember, store unused flour in the freezer!

Dunappy said...

I got a grain mill for Christmas, but I haven't broken it in yet. I have a lot of left over grinding corn from the garden this past year so my first project is to grind the corn up to make a good corn meal mush.

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