Friday, December 14, 2007

Spring Plans...

So...the realization that we're not going to find 10 acres in the country that we can afford has hit home /ouch/. I've decided to be happy with what we DO acre of land. The problem? Neighborhood restrictions. No cows...hmmmmmmmm. This really limits the homesteading possiblities, huh?

I've decided to carry on with fruit and veggie plans (in leiu of the goats and sheep...hey, a girl can't have it all!). As of right now, I have five fruit trees in the ground, three blueberry bushes, and two old fashioned blackberry bushes...all planted in November. I also have one established Strawberry bed with oh, about 30-35 plants in it...thriving since last May.

I have PLANS to build four square foot gardens for veggies. We've already purchased the lumber and the soil mix as recommended on I hope to add 2-4 more squares next year, but four seems a good start.

I've been drooling over the seeds from Seed Saver's Exchange ( ...especially the Cherokee Trail of Tears beans ( . They were carried by the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears (hence the name :-P), which appeals to me because I am part Cherokee. Continuing our heritage seems like a good way to teach my girls about their family history.

In addition, I hope to plant some cucumbers and other high yield pole beans on trellis supports so that I can do some canning...pickles and green beans, yummy!

I'll upload photos sometime soon to document our progress!


Inion Wilton said...

I am grateful that I just found your blog. Heavenly Father's timing is not only perfect, but compassionate.

My husband and I, 60 and 49 respectively, have had dreams of living on an off-grid homestead with acreage enough to support ourselves, livestock and perhaps other folks. Reality has struck. We will not be able to afford such a dream, but have found a property that has one acre. My husband was greatly discouraged and depressed that our 'dream' would never be realized.

Finding your blog today is a ray of glorious hope for us. We do not have any zoning restrictions for livestock because the property is in the country. But, we would likely limit ourselves to chickens and perhaps one milking doe.

The potential of one acre is remarkable. Thank you so much!

One Acre Homestead said...

Isn't God's timing amazing? I'm glad our blog could be a blessing to you! Please come back and let me know how your efforts at one acre homesteading are going. In addition, you might check out this website:

These folks will show you how amazing even a small city lot can be!

Amy E said...

I found your blog today, and am going back and reading it from the beginning. Originally, we were living on 1/2 acre in a small town about 30 miles south of San Antonio, TX. The house was built in 1896, and is/was my dream house. My father passed in 2007 and left me money to purchase land. It was his request for me to do so, otherwise, I would have done something different. We were able to purchase 10.5 acres about 20 miles further south of us. We have our beautiful home up for sale, but are working on building our home further out in the country. We currently live in a storage container, but my husband has started our bigger house (1500 sq ft). We currently live in 360 sq ft..with three kids.

I am excited to learn about the Cherokee Trail of Tears beans. My husband's many times grandmother was Cherokee. Her name was Mary. Her family was leaving on the Trail of Tears when my husband's many times grandfater married her, and they stayed in Alabama. Pretty cool. I am more excited then he is though, and try to teach my girls about their heritage. We are making a plan to travel to OK to the reservation in the Spring. I look forward to getting to know you through your blog.


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