Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Crop Plans...

After chatting with DH about the spring plans, we've also added an area for larger crop space on the west side of our fence.

We'll be creating a straw potato bed like what is described here: and shown here:

Anyone had success with this straw potato method? It almost sounds too easy, but I've seen lots of bloggers with happy stories of unlimited potatoes and also a few extension service articles bragging on this method...we'll see!

I'm also hoping to do a large bed for cantalope and corn on that side of our acre.

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nika said...

Hi there this is Nika from Humble Garden.

Our yields turned out on the low side because of our late start.

This year we will be planting potatoes two ways - straw and in the soil. and we will plant early :-)

I wish you all the luck!

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