Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is it bad...

...that I'm already ordering seeds? :) I used up $20 in SwagBucks today ordering Renee's Garden seeds. Here, take a look:

All the varieties I purchased were heirloom varieties and fall crops as I know I'll need those first. And I had to do a little happy dance because they were FREEEE with FREE shipping as well!! (Again, if you haven't started Swagging yet, TODAY IS THE DAY! Click here to sign up!)


Penny said...

Gotta love those Swagbucks! I have 450 I need to convert to something tangible. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw your last post and became envious over your ability to buy seeds with swagbucks. So, I joined swagbucks. Now, I need to know how you spent the swagbucks on seeds. I tried to order seeds (I made 55 swagbucks right away), but the site would not give me the option to pay with swagbucks! How do I do this? I would love to get the seeds like you did. Thanks for responding. You can email me at

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