Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Window Stars

When I began reading about Waldorf style education, I was fascinated by the tranquility of the environments for children...all natural materials...and the amazing colors. One of the things I noticed repeatedly was these lovely window stars that caught the sunlight. I finally decided that I needed to figure out how to make window stars so I can teach my big girl this summer! The rainbow window star was my first one then I made one with greens and yellows.

You can find directions on GardenMama's blog. I bought the kite paper from Nova Natural...I LOVE their store!


HermitJim said...

These look really nice...and I think make a great decoration for any window!

Heck, I'd like 'em for my own windows!

American Home said...

These look wonderful. We are also going to try doing this craft!

gardenmama said...

They look beautiful!
I am so glad you were able to bring this color and light into your home!

Roasted Garlicious said...

ohhh those are pretty!!! Grandbaby might like to make some of them!!!

The Hills said...

We're definitely going to have to give this a try this summer!

I also have a question for you....we just arrived in Montana late last week and I was pleasantly surprised to find locally grown wheat is available at the grocery store for a good price!! So now I need recommendations on mills....what can you tell me?