Friday, January 25, 2008

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Bread...and more homesteading efforts

I've finally found the perfect bread recipe! I wish you could smell this coming out of the oven...take a peek...

The original recipe has half whole-wheat flour and half bread flour, but I'm slowly increasing the ww now to get a more nutritious loaf. It's posing next to my homemade plum jam...yummy combo!

I also ventured into the world of handcrafted Christmas gifts a bit this year. Here are two of the gifts...homemade plum jam wrapped in knitted dish cloths. (I think learning to can was my homesteading accomplishment of the year in 2007! Knitting took the award in 2006.) These looked so pretty tied up with a bit of raffia!

Oh...and in case you've been in a cave this winter, Oklahoma had a bit of an ice storm! Here are a few shots:

After a long cold week, a warm weekend is forecast! We're hoping to see some 60s! I'll be out back...working on my square foot gardens! :-D

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